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Benzene is a colorless, flammable, hydrocarbon liquid. It is part of the aromatic family and has a characteristic sweet odor. Benzene is a basic building block for further petrochemical processing, and is most often used to manufacture styrene, cyclohexane, and cumene.

Production Information

MPC produces benzene at its Catlettsburg (Kentucky); Robinson (Illinois); and Galveston Bay (Texas) refineries. Benzene, along with other aromatics, is produced using a liquid-liquid extraction process. The Catlettsburg and Robinson refineries utilize the Sulfolane process.The Galveston Bay refinery uses an ARU (Aromatics Recovery Unit) and the Udex process with a Carom co-solvent.

Benzene can be transported from Catlettsburg and Galveston Bay via barge and by railcar from Robinson.

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