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Lobbying Disclosures

Federal lobbying disclosure reports are required by the Lobbying Disclosure Act to be filed with Congress on a quarterly basis and must include a description of the matters on which the company has lobbied and a good faith estimate of the lobbying expenditures incurred by the company during each quarter. The expenditures included in this report consist primarily of employees’ compensation and benefits attributable to federal lobbying activities, lobbying fees paid to outside lobbying firms, trade association dues attributable to federal lobbying activities, travel and incidental expenses related to federal lobbying activities and overhead expenses attributable to federal lobbying activities.

Recent Quarterly Federal Lobbying Report

Visit Office of the Clerk – House of Representatives website to search lobbying disclosure reports

The states highlighted on the map below represent the states in which the Company (including its subsidiaries) is or has been registered as an employer of lobbyists (including company employees or independent contractors) who are currently registered or have been registered as lobbyists within the past five years. Many states maintain a publicly available database of lobbying disclosure reports and registrations.