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Our Business

MPC is a supplier of gasoline and distillates to resellers and consumers within our market area in the Midwest, Gulf Coast and Southeast regions of the United States.

The wholesale distribution of petroleum products to private brand marketers and to large commercial and industrial consumers and sales in the spot market accounted for 55 percent of our refined products sales volumes in 2014.

Half of our propane is sold into the home heating market, with the balance being purchased by industrial consumers. Propylene, cumene, aromatics and sulfur are domestically marketed to customers in the chemical industry.

We market asphalt through owned and leased terminals throughout the Midwest, Gulf Coast and Southeast regions of the U.S. Our customer base includes approximately 750 asphalt-paving contractors, government entities and asphalt roofing shingle manufacturers.

We have blended ethanol with gasoline for more than 20 years and increased our blending program in 2007, in part due to renewable fuel mandates. The future expansion or contraction of our ethanol blending program will be driven by the economics of the ethanol supply and changes in government regulations. We sell reformulated gasoline in parts of our marketing territory, low-vapor-pressure gasoline in nine states, and biodiesel-blended diesel fuel in 15 states.

We supply petroleum products to more than 5,600 Marathon branded-retail outlets. Sales to Marathon-brand jobbers and dealers accounted for 15 percent of our refined product sales volumes in 2014.

Updated: Tuesday, November 10 2015