Asphalt Marketing

Marathon marketing extends well beyond gasoline and distillates. The company also offers asphalt , petroleum coke and heavy oil throughout its wide distribution system.  MPC is one of the nation's largest producers of asphalt with 101,000  bpcd of refining capacity and marketing through 24 owned or leased terminals throughout the Midwest and Southeast. Marathon enjoys a broad customer base including asphalt paving contractors, government entities (state, counties, cities and townships) and asphalt roofing shingle manufacturers.

MPC produces 1,427 tons per day of anode grade coke at the Robinson refinery which is used to make carbon anodes for alumina reduction. MPC also produces 6,252 tons per day of fuel grade coke at the Garyville refinery which is used for power generation and in miscellaneous industrial applications.

Updated: Tuesday, November 10 2015